Was Christina Aguilera Talking Trash About Britney Spears Or Not?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Aguilera blames papers for feud with Spears

The only question I want the answer to is: Did Christina Aguilera say the things that have been reported or not? She's now saying that the tabloids are manufacturing the feud between her and Britney Spears. Well, did she say that Britney was too far gone for a comeback or not?

I didn't hear a denial that she said it. What I'm hearing is her blaming tabloids for publishing what she said. If she didn't say it, then where is the lawsuit or at least public denial of having said those things? And if she did say it, then how is it that tabloids are "manufacturing" anything?

This is sounding like one of those "I went too far shooting off my big mouth, and my managers say that I need to walk it back by playing it off on the press" things....It's no secret that there has long been a rivalry between the two, but if Christina did say those things about Britney then she should be spending more time exorcising "X-Tina" from her persona and less time talking trash about other people...

Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you're too big to apologize for doing or saying something stupid...Sometimes a little humility is all it takes...


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