Did Suge Knight Shoot Himself?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Who shot Suge Knight?

While at Kanye West's party before the MTV VMAs, Suge Knight was the victim of a gunshot to the leg. Now the question is: who shot him?

One of the theories being put forth is that he accidentally shot himself which would be what we call "karmic justice."

This whole "thug" thing has gone far enough, and there's needs to be an end to it. So if Suge Knight was a victim of the gun he was carrying, then I can't say I feel badly for him. He's a multi-millionaire and still trying to act like he's living tough in the projects. He hasn't been living that life for a long, long time.

Playing make-believe and creating hyped up feuds with other rappers so you can keep your "thug" image is moronic. These imagined beefs between rappers and their posses are stupid: they're just excuses for grown men to rationalize acting like an animal. Color me extremely unimpressed.

At what point do you have enough to sense to put down the weaponry and say "That's not the life a civilized person should be living?" What good is it to be rich and successful if you have to live in fear of being taken out for some imagined slight? (Yeah, yeah, yeah I know he says he isn't afraid, but if that's true then why is he carrying a gun and why does he have armed bodyguards? Because he's afraid of being shot. He can say whatever he wants, but actions speak louder than words. 'Nuff said...)

If you live the life of a wannabe thug, then I'm not sympathetic when another wannabe thug takes aim at you or if you get injured because of your own carelessness. And yes, he's a wannabe thug because the real-life thugs are drug-dealing losers who kill each other to protect their territories. Unless you can show me where Suge is dealing crack in the projects near his home, he's a wannabe playing at being a thug. (And evidently not very well because he keeps getting caught and going to jail for his antics.)

Guns aren't toys. Life is precious. If you can't see that then go back to living the tough guy life on the streets for real because as far as I'm concerned you don't deserve whatever blessings you've been given: you're just an animal in human clothing...


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