Britney's BB...Or Not?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Britney denies bodyguards shot snapper

This story has been developing for a couple of days, but I wanted to wait to comment until there was a little more information. Now that there is, here we go:

Our note to Brad Diaz: Quit being a crybaby, and grow up.

First, you were 200 yards from the home where Britney Spears *might* have been. Maybe. You don't even have proof that she was there. 200 yards is a helluva long way for an accurate BB shot.

Second, when the first words out of your mouth are "I'm going to sue for millions," guess how much anyone will believe you? At this point I'm as inclined to say that you shot yourself or had someone else shoot you as I am to believe that Britney or any of her people had anything to do with it.

Third, I will quote the police lieutenant when I describe your injury here: "If there's anything below minor, that's what the injury was."
I've had pebbles kicked up by a passing vehicle that I'm sure were as damaging as this BB. Do I believe it was embedded so deeply in your skin that it couldn't be removed? Are you serious? It was a BB shot from 200 yards away -- those things just can't do that much damage at that distance. If you got a welt, I'd be surprised.

Fourth, a BB gun? This would be the weapon of choice for Britney's security staff? You've got to be kidding me...Get real.

Just shut up and go away already, Brad...


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