Hilary Duff's First is 'Most Wanted'

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hilary Duff Scores First Billboard #1 With Most Wanted LP

Hilary Duff has scored her first #1 album with the release of Most Wanted.

Congrats to Hilary for reaching that coveted #1 spot though I have to admit that I'm a bit confused by the need for a 'Greatest Hits' compilation after releasing only two other albums. I seem to remember that it used to be a requirement for artists to have more than just a couple of albums with one or two hits on them to rate that kind of compilation album.

Shouldn't there at least be enough of a library to fill up half an album with previous hits? She just hasn't had enough hits or even a long enough time passed since the original release dates of these songs to qualify in my book....

I guess the people who are buying this album are the same ones who buy autobiographies by people who haven't even reached the age of 30 yet....


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