Jackon Jurors Cashing In

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two Jackson Jurors Claim They Were Pressured To Acquit


Sorry, but I don't believe a word that these two jurors from the Michael Jackson trial are saying.

They say the foreman threatened to remove them from the jury which is a lie because the foreman doesn't have that power. Only the judge can remove them, and it has to be for some other reason than that they don't agree with the rest of the jury. Inappropriate or illegal conduct can get them removed, so perhaps the foreman had proof that they were acting improperly. But the story stinks to high heaven...

Even if you assume it's true, you mean they'd rather let a person they themselves believed to be a child molester out on the streets than lose their post-trial book deals. What level of Hell does something like that earn you in the afterlife?

Oh, did they mention that they both coincidentally were shopping book deals? Kind of adds to their credibility don't you think?

These people are just as guilty as Michael in my eyes...They should be prosecuted for jury misconduct and locked up...


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