George clooney Takes a Big Gamble

Monday, August 29, 2005

Clooney invests in casino resort

It turns out that George Clooney has been doing even more than I thought when I posted a few days ago about his injured back. He's taken the plunge into Las Vegas entertainment with an investment into a casino project slated to be completed in five years.

The casino, to be called Las Ramblas, is budgeted at $3 billion which is a huge amount of money, but by Las Vegas standards it barely raises an eyebrow. He's partnered with Cindy Crawford's husband, and they're looking for additional investors.

They're in talks with his other Hollywood friends such as Brad Pitt who co-starred with him, ironically enough, in the casino robbery flicks Ocean's Eleven and Twelve.

My respect for George Clooney continues to grow. While many of his Hollywood colleagues wind up penniless on third-rate reality shows after the fame dies away, he's making investments that could leave him a far, far wealthier man than the day he makes his last movie.


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