Brad's Whining for Millions...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Britney Spears Sued Over Malibu Shooting

I thought we'd get lucky and be rid of Brad Diaz as soon as the whimpering died down, but evidently he's making good on his threat to "sue for millions" as he promised he the whimpering must go on...

Looking at the picture of his leg, it's next to nothing in terms of an injury. I cut my knee when I was 9 playing marbles in the grass and bled more than that...

Now as to the (de)merits of his lawsuit: 1) he can't prove the direction the pellet came from, 2) it isn't Britney's house so he can't claim she's responsible because the shot came from her property, 3) he can't prove that anybody on that property even so much as owns a BB gun.

In short, his case is completely unwinnable, so it's just an obvious publicity stunt hoping for either: a) another 15 seconds in the spotlight, or b) a settlement from Britney's people to make him shut up and go away.

I'm betting on the settlement motive for Mr. Brad "I'm Gonna Sue for Millions" Diaz, but I'd be surprised if he gets an offer...More likely, he'll fade back into anonymity soon, and we'll all feel better right away.


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