Jennifer Aniston Gets a Word in Edgewise

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jennifer Aniston finally speaks out

How can you not feel for Jennifer Aniston? Her divorce has been all over the tabloids (and internet) for months now as soon-to-be her ex, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie star in a hit movie together then jet off to Africa while Jennifer maintained her silence.

She's been the model of decorum throughout, being gracious toward Angelina, not blaming her for the breakup. She's absolutely right about that: no one ever broke up a marriage but the people who were married. No doubt that Angelina is quite a temptation, but it was ultimately Brad's choice to make.

I had to laugh a little at her characterization of Brad's new blonde look: "Billy Idol called -- he wants his look back." But the thing that struck the strongest chord with me was the comment on the W magazine spread portraying Brad and Angelina as a happily married couple with children from the 60's.

It struck me as wrong when I first saw the photos. Here's a man who has essentially just left his wife to be with another woman, and W does a spread like that. What were they thinking other than "it's edgy and provocative" which is showbiz talk for "We don't care if it's in bad taste: it'll sell more magazines." Where were Brad's people to say "We don't think this is such a good idea"?

Brad's not a B- or C-list celebrity that has to go along with a dumb idea because he doesn't have any say-so. He has enough star power to say, "Listen guys, I just left my wife...Could we take another angle on this shoot?" So I'm left to agree with Jennifer....

"There's a sensitivity chip that's missing..." from both Brad and W magazine...


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