Marilyn Monroe Feeds Conspiracy Theorists Fresh Meat

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Marilyn from beyond the grave

For years it's been rumored that Marilyn Monroe didn't take her own life but was killed and set up to look like a suicide.

According to the article, someone is claiming to have a tape that she made shortly before her death that certainly make it seem like she was thinking about everything *except* death. Now this or may not mean anything. It's the nature of depression that people may experience days in which everything is going fine but the next day they'll be in a warm bathtub of water doing the unthinkable.

People who suffer from depression aren't necessarily depressed every day. They have good and bad days like everyone else - it's just that their bad days are much worse for them than for other people. So I'm not terribly moved that a single tape might exist. If it wasn't made the day she died, she could easily have fallen into a suicidal depression between the taping and her death.

I'm sure Oliver Stone will find a movie idea in here somewhere though...


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