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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Berry & Penn on Storm in X-Men 3

If you're a fan of Halle Berry in her role as Storm in the X-Men movie series, then this is good news.

Apparently Halle was considering not reprising her role in the upcoming "X3" because her character has bascially been on the sidelines for the first two installments of the series. According to the article, Storm is set to be a central character in the next film, however.

In order to keep the series fresh, the focus *does* need to move on from where it's been stuck for the first two movies: Wolverine's quest for his past. I mean, you've got Halle Berry for God's sake! Even if her character lacked any decent's Halle Berry!

I like Hugh Jackman, but he doesn't have the box office draw of a Halle Berry.

Anyway...good for Halle for demanding a bigger role and good for audiences too....


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