Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie PhotoShoot Meant to Confuse?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pitt-Jolie spread in 'W' meant to confuse paparazzi

Huh? According to the Baltimore Sun, the 60's family photoshoot of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in W was meant "to confuse the paparazzi." This was evidently the brilliant brainchild of photographer Steven Klein.

Personally I think he knew what the end result would be and used that ridiculous excuse to sell the idea to the new couple. He may get some people to believe that was his true motive - free from any lurid profit motive, but I refuse to believe that a professional involved in the entertainment media couldn't foresee what would happen after it was published.

Ditch the lame excuse, Steven. Am I really supposed to be buying it? I'd have more respect for you if you just came out and admitted that you were capitalizing on a unique opportunity to cash in.

Naturally, the end result was the photoshoot only hyped the relationship rumors further. Why? Because they really were having a relationship. Duh! Whether it was sexual or not at that point is a matter of some debate with denials being issued by both Jolie and Pitt; however, I can't imagine that a man going through a divorce would agree to appear in such a photoshoot unless he already was already involved in a romantic relationship with the other woman.

It was bad judgment all the way around...It's never a good idea to throw that kind of thing in your soon-to-be ex-wife's face. It makes you look mean and petty to the public, and it certainly doesn't lend itself to any level of post-divorce civility between the two.

Good taste dictates that they should have played it cool and done a more conventional spread, but I guess good taste goes out the window when it comes to selling magazines, doesn't it?


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