Celebrity Sex Tapes Boost Careers

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The truth about celebrity sex tapes

Dan Brown nails this one. While no one would necessarily want to have their private exploits spread worldwide, it certainly has worked to the benefit of those celebrities who have had their ::ahem:: talents put similarly on display.

Let's run down the quick list:

- Pamela Anderson - her primary claim to fame was a handful of Playboy appearances and a featured spot on Baywatch. Millions of young men fantasized about what it would be like to spend an evening with her, and the release of the videotape gave them all a chance to sample the reality. If not for her sexual escapades, does anyone believe we would still be hearing about her?

- Paris Hilton - her primary claim to fame is being a spoiled rich party girl. The release of her tape made The Simple Life a ratings success and led to her appearance on the silver screen. There are plenty of beautiful rich heiresses, but how many others can you name? 'nuff said...

- Colin Farrell - his tape hasn't been released, but public interest in him has certainly risen since his court battle to prevent its release.

It just goes to show that the adage about any publicity being good publicity "...as long as they spell my name right..." is alive and well in Hollywood today...


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