The Power of Ashton, Hilary and the Olsens

Thursday, August 04, 2005

'Teen People' selects young and powerful

I like to see younger actors taking charge of their careers and becoming more than just pretty faces in front of the camera. When you stop to consider how many "celebrity gone bad" stories are out there, it's good to hear the flip-side: celebrities taking care of business. The thing that each of the members of the list seems to share is that they've taken control of their projects by using their success to form their own production companies. (Hope all you aspiring actors and actresses out there are taking notes...)

The commercial enterprise that is Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen probably surprises no one when they appear on the list: it's awfully hard to ignore their $300 million empire after all.

What may be a little more surprising is that Demi Moore's boy toy Ashton Kutcher actually heads up the list followed by the multi-talented Hilary Duff.

Hats off to each of the celebs who appear on the list though...Their take-charge attitude and follow-through means they'll be appearing on marquees for a long time to come...


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