Fans Pay Price for Sharon Osbourne's Tantrum Toward Iron Maiden

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Brown: Vengeful Sharon Osbourne shortchanges Ozzfest fans

Enough's enough, folks. First, Iron Maiden acts like idiots trash-talking Ozzy Osbourne on-stage during Ozzfest. Hey guys, it's his show: if you don't like him then don't tour with his show. Then, Sharon Osbourne plots the most juvenile revenge by having people pelt them with eggs and cutting their power halfway through their show. Who loses? Fans...

Dan Brown gets it right. These immature morons on both sides seem to forget who's paying the bills. They've been living the high-priced lifestyle of sex and drugs so long that they've forgotten they wouldn't have a dime to their names except for the folks who pay mega-bucks to see them perform. Did you hear that? "Perform"...not "act like five year olds"....

It's not like a) Iron Maiden has had a hit in the last decade, or b) Sharon Osbourne has any talent whatsoever, or Ozzy has a single functioning brain cell left in his head after years of heavy drug abuse. Both sides should be grateful that fans are still willing to shell out this kind of money to see them perform at all. It should be enough motivation to put aside whatever petty grievances they might have off-stage and give those people a quality show. But they've been so insulated from the real world for so long that they don't care.

I hope the fans who attended that show sue the pants off both Iron Maiden and Ozzfest. Iron Maiden should never have agreed to perform in Ozzfest - except that the band members are desperate for money to pay for their extravagant lifestyles. So maybe if their lifestyles were taken down a notch or two, they would actually put on a decent show rather than waste everyone's time trashing another performer. As an organizer, Sharon's orchestrated stunt amounted to a defrauding of the people who came to see Iron Maiden perform, so as far as I'm concerned she should have to pay out every dime she has. Maybe if she had to actually work for a living rather than sponging off her husband's fame as she has for many years, she would have to tame her monster ego and treat people with some decency for a change.

Grow up...


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