Star Treatment for Eva Longoria...Or Not?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Is "Desperate" Eva a diva?

Now the rumor mill is saying that Eva Longoria is a diva. Hardly surprising considering that she's known mainly for her role as a high-maintenance former fashion model on "Desperate Housewives."

But's let take a quick look at the two incidents described, and let's assume for argument's sake that they happened as characterized.

First, the nightclub. Nightclubs and restaurants make their names based on the cache of their clientele. Celebrities regularly receive invitations and even a little payole to patronize certain establishments. So if Eva played the celebrity card, it's hardly a "diva" thing, but more a symptom of how business is done.

Let's also talk for a minute about the doormen at establishments like that. A great number of them suffer from huge God complexes because they control access to the hot spots -- powertripping from telling people "NO." Is this story really a diva story or a powertripping doorman story? It's "He Said, She Said," and no big deal either way...

Now let's go the stadium incident. When I invite people to my house, I ask if they have any food or drink preferences. As a good host, it's my obligation to make them as comfortable as I can. If someone offers me a Pepsi, I will often ask if they have Coke instead. It's my preference: does that make me a diva for asking? It was the host's job to provide appropriately for a guest, not spread rumors about them after they leave. Poor taste, guys...

I mean, c'mon guys, I know it's the dog days of summer and news is typically slow but trying to stick a label on somebody for innocuous behavior so you can fill up your column space is worse than poor journalism - it's mean. When she starts treating people badly or making outrageous demands, then you can call her diva. Until then, she's still our favorite housewife...


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