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Monday, August 08, 2005

Salma wants teens to use condoms

Maybe I'm too cynical here, but Salma Hayek professed to be "horrified when she learnt (sic) how many teenagers refuse to use condoms..." Yeah right...Were was Salma during her teenage years? Was she absent from life for those years?

She's supporting a charity to help create awareness among youth about AIDS - a laudable goal..but is the real problem that teenagers aren't aware of AIDS? Unless you've been living in a cave without human contact over the last 20 years, you know what AIDS is. You know how to prevent it. It's not exactly a secret. Teenagers know about AIDS, so any charity designed to educate them about AIDS is destined to have exactly zero impact on the problem.

Condoms don't prevent AIDS: they may make it less likely, but if you're having intercourse you're probably exchanging other bodily fluids too. (Use your imagination here...I'm not going to spell it out.) Hello, people!...Abstinence prevents AIDS...Staying clean and sober prevents AIDS...Certain lifestyles are known to be high-risk, so unless you're willing to risk offending your friends who engage in those lifestyles then you're not addressing the problem. If you're not willing to address the real problems, then stay home....Sorry, Salma...Playing pretend to make yourself feel better doesn't help anyone...


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