Oops! Did Britney Spears Do It Again?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Is Britney Spears a bigamist?

A British talk show host is claiming that he is legally married to Britney Spears and has been since recently after her break-up with Justin Timberlake.

Right after announcing her break-up, Britney gave him an interview in which he proposed and she said yes. He had a vicar and a real marriage certificate, and they got married. One of Britney's security people tore up the certificate, so they are claiming that she, in fact, is not married.

Hmm...If you tear up your birth certificate does that mean that you weren't born? Of course not. Just because you lose or destroy a marriage certificate doesn't in any way nullify a marriage: if it did, there wouldn't be any need for divorces would there? I don't know enough about the UK laws surrounding marriage to say whether or not their ceremony met the requirements, but if things went down the way he claims then it seems to me that she is, in fact, married to him and has been for several years. I wonder what kind of alimony that would entitle him to?

Unfortunately Britney doesn't seem to think ahead when she does these things. This is the mark of a celebrity without a strong supporting cast to let her know when she's doing something stupid. It's the price of surrounding yourself with sycophants rather than people who are actually looking out for your best interests.

Sorry, Britney, but prank or not, you may have done it again...and you have no one to blame but yourself...


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