Jennifer Aniston's Door's Open - Help Yourself

Friday, August 26, 2005

Alleged trespasser enters Aniston's home

USA Today calls the guy who walked right into Jennifer Aniston's home an "alleged trespasser," but I'll call him what he is: a freak.

What is up with these people? Would you just cruise into your neighbor's house uninvited? He obviously knew he didn't belong there because when he was confronted by her staff he ran away. A delusional person would have stayed and insisted he belonged there. His flight is proof that he's just a complete freak of nature and needs to be locked up.

But just as in the case of the photographer who was caught trespassing on Brad Pitt's house, he'll probably just get some minor citation and be left to roam the streets. Does he actually have to be given the opportunity to hurt her before he's forced to pay a significant price for his home invasion?

Something needs to be done about the laws that allow this kind of thing to go on...


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