Gretchen Wilson Brings Out the Lunatics in Tennessee

Friday, August 26, 2005

Gretchen Wilson Chewed Out

The state of Tennesseee has absolutely lost its mind. Country & Western singer, Gretchen Wilson, has a new song out called Skoal Ring in which she sings about the taste of chewing tobacco on her man's lips. So Big Brother has decided that she may be in violation of the settlement between states and tobacco companies regarding ads targeting young people.

Have you people in Tennesse lost your bleeping minds? When does the monster of political correctness finally consume itself in its own stupidity? First, she's not a party to the settlement so she can't be in violation of it. Second, the Dixie Chicks sang a song about killing a man and stuffing him in their trunk but that didn't draw a peep. Now chewing tobacco is sending the state's attorney over the edge? Where are this moron's priorities? Where is the outrage of the citizens of Tennessee? I've been to Tennessee: you people have a lot bigger problems than someone singing about chewing tobacco.

Paul are a complete blithering idiot...

I dare the state of Tennessee to press the matter. The First Amendment covers rappers talking about killing policemen, yet he seems to think that his personal anti-tobacco crusade trumps the First Amendment when it comes to kissing a man who chews tobacco - which, by the way, is a completely legal activity.

I can't express my outrage strongly enough at the absolute lunacy that the anti-tobacco zealots have gone to. Listen folks: your state law enforcement establishment should be spending its time worrying about murderers, rapists, thieves and the like. When you can come to me and tell me that there is no such thing as violent crime in the state then maybe we can talk about you wasting the taxpayer's money and time violating First Amendment rights policing the lyrics to a country and western song. Until then, shut up and do the job you were elected to do...

And to all you folks in Tennessee who voted for this clown: you're as much to blame as he is. You deserve what you get...


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