Paris Hilton Calls It Off

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Paris Hilton nixes engagement to Greek fiance

This one doesn't even qualify as a surprise. Paris Hilton has broken off her engagement to Paris Latsis.

Back in August, I posted a bit about his father saying that Latsis had never mentioned any engagement to his family, that he didn't control enough wealth to have purchased the engagement ring, and that the father had never heard about what Kathy and Paris Hilton were claiming was an imminent trip to meet his family.

Obviously, something was fishy there at the time, and now we know what it is: Dad was telling the truth but the Hiltons weren't.

Now Paris Hilton is claiming that she is calling it off. Yeah right. All that means is that she has given up the pretense that there was ever going to be a marriage in the first place.

Especially in light of how things have turned out, it's quite apparent that there never was a real engagement: marriages between fabulously wealthy people are as much transactions with vast financial implications as they are about love. For no one in his family to have been made aware of it tells me that this was all some sort of game that the Hilton women were playing on everyone.

When it comes to sinking to new depths to further her celebrity, Paris Hilton certainly never disappoints...What's next? A fake pregnancy? Don't be surprised...


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