Sylvester Stallone Still 'Rocky'

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Rocky 6"? Stallone signs on for another round

The headline is a little bit misleading only in that Sylvester Stallone has done more than just 'sign on,' he was the one who wrote the script, pushed for its development and will direct the latest installment of the famous 'Rocky' series to be titled simply 'Rocky Balboa.'

The storyline will take on the familiar 'boxer coming out of retirement' theme which mirror the paths that real-life boxers such as George Foreman have taken. The film is set to start shooting in December and is supposed to be more reminiscent of the first two 'Rocky' movies than the latter three - which will be a relief to fans of the series.

There are a lot of critics of Stallone, but it's definitely a role that he was born to play. It's worth remembering that the original 'Rocky' won the Oscar for Best Picture so he deserves a lot of credit for bringing one of cinema's most memorable characters to the big screen. I can only hope that he's captured some of that original magic in putting together the latest installment...


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