Britney Spears' Bra No More

Monday, October 10, 2005

Britney pulls bra from eBay

First it was pulled for violating the eBay policy on selling used underwear - a decision which was reversed because it was determined that it was more a piece of entertainment memorabilia than just a regular old used bra. Now Britney Spears herself has pulled the bra that was to be auctioned to benefit Katrina victims off the market.

There appears to be some confusion over which bra it is. Apparently many thought it was the one she wore onstage, but it turns out that it isn't. Evidently it was just one that she wore during a promotion for the concert special, not during the special itself meaning that it would be worth far less in terms of actual memorabilia value. It doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of fans who wouldn't bid large dollar figures for pretty much any piece of Britney's undergarments, but because the memorabilia value isn't there any more it probably fell back under the original eBay policy. My guess is that eBay probably said as much privately to her, so she decided to remove it from auction rather than have it removed.

My question: why not just write a check, Britney? $60,000 wouldn't even be missed from those enormous bank balances of yours, and then you wouldn't have to experience these repeated public embarrassments over a piece of your underwear. I really do wonder sometimes if you have any adults in charge over there...


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