Fantasia Tells Sob Story

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fantasia reveals she can't read

Am I supposed to feel sympathy for her? I certainly hope that isn't the reaction I'm supposed to be having, because it's certainly not the one I'm experiencing.

She lays the blame at an alleged rape in the 9th grade which caused her to eventually drop out of school. I'm not buying it. First, there's no excuse not to know how to read by 9th grade. Everyone wants to blame teachers, but if you can't read by the time you're a teenager then you have only yourself to blame. Not every teacher is great, but there are enough that if she had made a single attempt at trying then she could have learned to read. There are plenty of stories about immigrants learning the language from watching television. And I'm supposed to believe that she was incapable of doing the same?

Second, what did she do with her life after dropping out? The reality is that most dropouts do so because they're too lazy to go to school. What did she do with her waking hours throughout her teenage years? My guess is that the truth wouldn't exactly cast her in a favorable light, since it obviously wasn't spent trying to better herself.

She's telling stories trying to sell her memoirs. The fact that a 21 year old has the nerve to sell memoirs is laughable to me. Call me back when you've actually lived life for a while...


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