Britney Spears' Baby Photos Go Missing

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Britney baby photos 'are stolen'

Britney Spears is saying that pictures of her baby taken during a photoshoot have been stolen. Evidently the pictures appeared soon after on the internet, but were removed after she threatened legal action for copyright infringement.

Seems to me that if indeed the pictures were stolen, then the appropriate action would have been to turn the matter over to the police to be prosecuted, if nothing else, for possession of stolen property. Sounds to me that she's not so much upset about pictures of the baby being stolen, but that she might miss out on the payday that selling the pictures will bring. After all, she had taken the baby to a photoshoot, so privacy wasn't exactly her concern: she was planning on selling the pictures anyway.

Not that I condone stealing the pictures, but I find it hard to get really worked up about this. There's no privacy issue here: it's a money thing pure and simple....


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