More Than Meets the Eye With Charlize Theron

Monday, October 17, 2005

Charlize Theron is more than a pretty face

Charlize Theron did a nice sit-down with AP to promote her new movie, North County. She faced the inevitable questions about playing "ugly" when she's such an incredibly beautiful woman, and she handled them well. She made an excellent point that people often forget that the job of an actor is to play a role and not just look incredible and glamorous all the time.

I have to applaud her for being willing to take on those roles which far too many actresses shy away from precisely because they aren't given the opportunity to play the glamour queen. She's shown a lot of professional courage in taking on the full variety of roles: not just playing to type as so many actresses tend to do.

I have no doubt that she'll find herself nominated for yet another Best Actress Oscar after this role, and I have yet to see the performance this year from anyone else that was so mind-blowing that she shouldn't be in serious contention to repeat her win for Best Actress in Monster...


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