Mary-Kate Olsen Leaves School

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mary-Kate Olsen takes break from NY college

Mary-Kate Olsen is "taking a break" from attending NYU "to focus on business."

Yeah right. She's dropping out. This is one of those cases where the denial is more implausible than the truth. Her publicist says she is focusing on running her entertainment company, as if she were needed there to monitor the day-to-day operations. Pulease.

She's got issues, which may be anything from an eating disorder to a drug addiction, and trying to pretend to be a college student isn't in the cards right now. Big deal. Why not just say that she's decided to pursue a different career path or something of the like? Most of Hollywood consists of high school or college dropouts so it's not like there would be any stigma attached if she just admitted the truth.

Whatever, Mary-Kate, I hope you get yourself straightened out. You're wealthy enough that college is just window dressing at this point anyway, so dropping out is meaningless in the greater scheme of things. It's hardly surprising that yet another child star is having problems as she enters into adulthood, but more's the pity when your personal problems are going to prevent you from actually enjoying the millions that you gave up your childhood to generate...


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