Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Go Silent?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Silent Scientology birth for Tom and Katie?

Speculation is running rampant about how Katie Holmes will deliver the baby she has conceived with Tom Cruise. Will she follow the Scientology principles or not?

The article has better detail about the whole "silent birth" process that Scientology prescribes, but it also points out that there are religious procedures for the first week of the baby's life that prohibit medical testing or talking. Personally I have to say that if they take it to that extreme then they're foolish bordering on stupid.

Whether there is music or Katie is "allowed" to make noise during delivery doesn't have any health implications for the child that I can see, but no medical testing of the baby? In this day and age, that's just dumb. What if the baby isn't completely healthy and requires medical attention? Are they willing to sacrifice the long-term health, or even survival, of their child for their religion? That's ridiculous.

I found it interesting that fellow Scientologists Kelly Preston and John Travolta were all ready to go with their religion until - literally - push came to shove, and then the principles went right out the window when she started talking and asking for drugs. Hey, I don't blame Kelly here, I blame the Scientology for even prescribing this kind of nonsense in the first place. Hey woman, endure the worst pain imaginable and just shut up about it, would you! I mean, c'mon...

Sometimes religion goes too far, and I hope that Katie and Tom use some common sense about applying theirs to their child...


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