Flight Attendants Whine About Jodie Foster's 'Flightplan'

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Attendants Object To 'Flightplan'

(Fair warning: The linked article contains a plot spoiler, so if you're planning on seeing the movie, just stick with the commentary.)

Flight attendants are whining like babies about the plot of Jodie Foster's new movie which they claim is unfair to flight attendants.

Get a grip, "attendants." First, it's a work of fiction. I didn't hear you complain when other professions are portrayed negatively: it's your turn on the hot seat. Get over it. Second, clean up your own house before you complain about "stereotypes." If you've ever boarded a flight, you've had a bad experience with a steward(ess) (I don't care what they call themselves, just because you call a door a window doesn't make it a window no matter how much it may harm the self-esteem of the door). It's a fact of life. There are so many awful people with awful personalities in that profession that it's become a joke. All stereotypes have a kernel of truth in them, and it's no different with flight attendants. If you don't like the stereotypes, then take a positive step to clean up your profession: don't kill the messenger.

Finally, no one cares about your feelings. All putting out press releases telling people not to go see this movie or that does is bring more attention to the movie. You're giving them free publicity. For example, I hadn't been planning on writing about the movie tonight at all: but the whimpering coming from the unions means that a whole lot of people are going to be reading about the movie now. Congratulations. The award for Most Counterproductive Press Release goes to the whining attendant in the corner...


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