For Britney Spears, Baby Makes Two?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Is Britney's marriage on the rocks?

Once again we're hearing reports that Britney Spears's marriage has hit rough water. Shocker! More reports of Kevin partying and running through Britney's money like there was an infinite supply of it. Shocked again!

This article includes a report that Britney had done a deal for exclusive pictures but withdrew them because they aren't the happy couple they're pictured to be in those pictures. Hmm...could it be that the pictures which have been withdrawn are the very same which ones which were "stolen"? Yet another drama created by Britney to cover another marriage fiasco? Methinks this may be so...

Get it over with, Britney...Throw him out on his loser behind...Yeah, critics will be proved right, but keeping him around to prove a point is just going to make things worse....Enough's enough, don't you think?


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