Tara Reid Tops List of Party Animals

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Katie's dad furious about shotgun wedding

The article leads off with a bit about how Katie Holmes' parents are none too happy about their daughter being pregnant out of wedlock. Shocker! That one's barely news...

The fun part is the gossip bits at the bottom where they talk about In Touch Weekly's list of "The 10 Biggest Party Animals in Hollywood." To no one's surprise, Tara Reid heads the list. As I mentioned in a previous post, Tara wants to be taken seriously as an actress and has been bemoaning her party reputation. The answer then, as it is today, is that if she doesn't like it then there's an easy fix: stop partying! Also on the list - again, not exactly surprises - are Diddy, Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne. Lavigne seems to be doing her level best to live up to her punk rock star image despite the fact that she initially wanted to go into folk music but only went the pop punk route after realizing that there was no money to be made in folk music.

My guess is that the parties aren't nearly as lively either...


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