Sharon Stone Doesn't Condemn Kate Moss

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sharon Stone defends Moss in cocaine scandal

USA Today is making hay out of Sharon Stone "defending" Kate Moss. First, she didn't "defend" Moss: she simply said that people make mistakes which is pretty much just stating the obvious. "Defending" Moss would consist of excusing or condoning her drug habit which, unless they left out the relevant quote, she didn't do.

What Stone did was act with some class in refusing to throw stones at another celebrity. It's not her position as an actress or spokesmodel to do that [leave that to us professional pundit-types :)]. The purpose of the conference was to promote her as the new face of Christian Dior skin care - to which USA Today devoted an entire picture caption. Whoa! Way to get the story straight, guys...

This is a non-story with a misleading headline....


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