Does Janet Jackson Have a Daughter?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Former in-law: Janet Jackson has daughter

According to the latest reports, the answer is yes. Janet Jackson had a very well publicized and very brief marriage to James DeBarge in 1984, and according to his younger brother that marriage produced a daughter named Renee.

There have been rumors for years that Janet had a secret daughter, and this may be another in a long line of unsubstantiated claims, but the truth is often stranger than fiction when it comes to the Jackson clan. A situation like this would be just the kind of weirdness we've come to expect from the twisted remains of Joe Jackson's abusive upbringing of his children.

I can only hope that Renee (if she exists) has been spared as much as possible by being brought up away from the show business end of the family and will be able to have a "normal" life...


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