Justin Timberlake Cries a River of Crocodile Tears

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Timberlake defends Britney in photo flap

Justin Timberlake is claiming that it was "crossing the line" for a website to publish the Britney Spears baby photos.

Let's get things straight: these weren't private family photos here, folks. They weren't stolen from her home. They were photos which she had taken with the intent to sell them for millions of dollars, so she wasn't exactly focused on her family's privacy when she had them taken.

Did the website know that the photos were stolen? Not according to the stories I've read. They were e-mailed anonymously, and the website did what pretty much every newspaper or magazine in the world would have done which was to publish them right away.

Were they private property? Yes. Were they taken illegally? I'll reserve judgment on that because the whole story around these photos has been somewhat fishy from the get-go. But to claim that what was done was so far out of line is clearly out of line on Justin's part.

After all, wasn't it he who sold a few million records capitalizing on his relationship with her, mocked her in video, and told the world about how he had sex with her? Yeah...it's the same Justin Timberlake, so it's a good time for him to shut up about "crossing the line" before people start to remember that when he didn't think twice about crossing that line when he thought there was a dollar to be made by exploiting Britney Spears' name himself....


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