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Thursday, September 08, 2005

'Survivor' winner indicted

Have you ever felt like there's some justice in this world? After reading this article I certainly do.

I watched the first season of Survivor which Richard Hatch won, and I had come to the conclusion that he was a nasty little man who was more deserving of being stranded on a real desert island than winning a dime. What he claimed was simply gamesmenship for the show was obviously the product of a naturally obnoxious and arrogant personality with an unnatural talent for deceit. It turns out that his lies and deceit weren't nearly restricted to his on-show antics at all.

He's facing up to 75 years in jail for basically defrauding everyone from the federal government to his "non-profit" camp. Federal prosecutors have a 95+% conviction rate, so the real question at this point is not if he's going to do time, but how much.

Throw the book at him. Anyone who wins that kind of money, and then turns around and feels the need to commit all manner of frauds in order to get even more money - especially in setting up a "non-profit" and misusing the funds - deserves to be locked away for a long, long time.

Bye, bye Richard...Enjoy your stay at Hotel Fed: They're keeping the light on for you...


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