Kate Moss Not So Clean After All

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kate 'caught snorting coke'

This is not good news. Kate Moss has been caught on camera cutting and snorting cocaine while at a recording studio with her boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. She has a history of drug abuse, and Doherty was busted a month ago with both heroin and crack cocaine in his luggage. The odds of a supposed ex-junkie dating a using junkie and not relapsing are pretty much nil.

If it were just her unwillingness to let go of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle at issue I wouldn't care. She tossed away so much potential with her drug use and failure to get clean and stay clean that I don't have much sympathy left for her. She's had more chances than 99.99% of other junkies, but craves the bright lights too much to walk away from it.

What makes me mad is that she has a two-year old little girl who, by all rights, should be enjoying the best of everything given the fame and wealth of her parents. Instead, she's got a junkie mom without the sense to build a life outside the drug-infested whirlwind that is the music scene.



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