More Celebrities Kick In for Katrina

Friday, September 02, 2005

NBC benefit set; Duff, Diddy, DeGeneres offer money

More celebrities have stepped up to the plate and are offering both performances and their own cash to the Katrina relief efforts. It's a rapidly growing list, and its membership represents the best that the entertainment world has to offer.

Too often celebrities forget that regular folks, like the ones affected by Katrina, are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the huge mansions and expansive lifestyles that celebrities enjoy. It's good to see that a number of them haven't forgotten that basic truth.

I think a big part of who gains lasting fame and who is quickly forgotten is public perception of the person behind the fame. I know that I, personally, am more interested in the future work of those willing to give back in times of need than those who sit atop a Malibu hillside and do nothing. Just something to keep in mind the next time you stop by the store to pick up a new CD or DVD...


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