Renee Zellweger Says It Was Fraud

Friday, September 16, 2005

Actress Zellweger ends marriage

Renee Zellweger is claiming that Kenny Chesney engaged in some sort of fraud in her court papers seeking an annulment.

Whoa...That's a heavy claim to make. According to the article, that fraud can take many forms including hiding the fact that he was already being married, was impotent, or has a criminal record. In this day and age, I'd be surprised if she didn't already know if he was impotent or not before they were married, and neither of the other apply to the best of my knowledge. My guess is that her claim of fraud is probably based on insincerity of the wedding vows: meaning that he never intended to honor his vows and therefore the vows were never valid.

Usually when a claim like this is made it's because the spouse has been unfaithful. It wouldn't be terribly shocking to find out that this is the case since Kenny has been on tour virtually since the day they were married.

On the other hand, she also specifically requested that the court rule out any possibility that Kenny would be eligible for any sort of financial support. Given his successful recording career, that's kind of surprising but that leaves open two possibilities: a) her lawyers are just covering their bases, or b) that Kenny has blown all his money and that may be the fraud she's claiming in the annulment papers.

Who knows, although I'm sure that since this article has hit the wires Kenny won't really have any choice but to respond in some way. He really can't afford to have this kind of speculation going out there. Country music fans aren't rock fans: they're typically family-oriented people, and his career will definitely suffer if allegations of marital fraud aren't answered to their satisfaction.

I'd be surprised if this is the last we hear on the subject...


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