Kate Moss Exposes Fashion Underbelly

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kate Moss saga exposes fashion world's flaws

Kate Moss is hardly the only drug-abusing model in the industry as this article points out. From designers to photographers to models to their various and sundry hangers-on, the industry is well-known for its rampant drug use and the generally unhealthy lifestyle choices of its members.

To turn on her the way they have is hypocritical, but typical of the industry. It's as if she has been thrown out the door and had it locked behind her after her hosts got her all liquored up. They close the doors to protect the secrets they still have to hide, but everyone knows that throwing her out did nothing to stop the partying that is still going on inside.

I believe it was right to cancel Moss' contracts, but it's also right to finish cleaning house. She's not the only perpetrator here, and the industry owes it to their customers to admit it and then do something about it. Anti-industry public pressure is rising in the UK, and it's time we started putting a little pressure on our fashion icons here too...


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