Commander in Chief - Chiefly Moronic

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I just turned off Geena Davis' new show Commander in Chief because it was simply awful. I couldn't watch it any longer.

The premise is ridiculous. A Republican president picks an independent as a vice-president? It would never happen, any more than a Democrat would pick one. Vice presidents are party loyalists, so the concept of a vice president who is so diametrically opposed to the president's view is simply beyond the realm of possibility.

It's an obvious stalking horse for Hilary Clinton's pending run for the presidency and not entertainment in any way shape or form. I'm sure it'll have a following amongst her political supporters, but the stereotypes of Republicans as evil are way over the top and could only have come from die-hard Democrats - not the independent that Geena Davis is supposed to be portraying. It couldn't be more thinly disguised propaganda than if they were running commercials for Hilary at every break.

A show with the premise of a first woman president had potential: it's too bad that the show's producers were less interested in entertainment than in pushing their political agenda. I won't be tuning back in, and I'll be surprised if the show lasts the season.


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