Kate Moss' Fame Outweighs Company's Principles

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kate Moss admits cocaine use, clothing chain says

Awfully big of Kate Moss to admit that she was using cocaine after being caught red-handed. She's set to model a clothing line for H&M whose policy specifically states that their models are to be "healthy, wholesome and sound."

Yeah, right...as if...Kate Moss is the poster child for drug abuse by models. If they meant what they said, they never would have hired her in the first place. But now that she's been busted, they still want her. Why? Because they never meant it in the first place.

Fashion designers and the stores that sell them don't care a whit about either the models or their consumers. If they did, H&M would have dropped her like a hot potato as soon as they had the proof in their hands. Actions speak louder than words, and in this case their actions speak volumes about how much they care about using a coke fiend to boost their bottom line.

Firing Kate Moss would have sent a message to other models that the industry won't tolerate it. But we know the industry will and does no matter what it says in their neatly worded press releases.


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