Mrs. McCartney Plans to Stalk Jennifer Lopez

Friday, September 16, 2005

Heather to stalk fur-loving J-Lo

This is just stupid. The second Mrs. McCartney, Heather, says she plans to stalk Jennifer Lopez over the use of fur in J-Lo's fashion line, Sweetface.

These fur nazis never know when to stop. All they do is make themselves look like complete fools when they pull stunts like this. If they think they're gaining any converts to their cause by publicly calling people out, they need to think again. All this kind of behavior does is make me want to go out and buy a fur suit and dare one of them to do something about it. I can guarantee you that splashing paint on me is a good way to wind up with a fate worse than that in the videotapes they brandish.

I'm all for a more humane way to kill the animals to get the fur, but humans have been wearing fur since the beginning of time. It's long past time they figure that out. The high priests and priestesses of Political Correctness have become the Puritans of our time. For all the grief they want to give Republicans, these killjoys are really the ones who are actually bent on controlling every aspect of our lives: trying their best to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of it for everyone who doesn't live according to the arbitrary and ridiculous rules they put forth.

Enough's enough. These people think they have the right to do whatever they want, whenever they want, if they think it will force someone to submit to their PC agenda. It's time to tell them where to go, and I'll give you a hint: Heather McCartney has a good start on her destination with the first two letters of her first name....


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