Dave Chappelle Likes Smaller Crowds

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dave Chappelle happy to be working clubs

Dave Chappelle gave an interview to the Cincinnati Enquirer in which he talks about his decision to walk away from his show. He explains that he prefers the feeling of doing stand-up comedy in clubs and getting the feedback from the crowd.

I remember a young Dave Chappelle when he used to handle the emcee duties at a local Baltimore comedy club over a decade ago. More than once, my friends and I left the club commenting that he had been far funnier than any of the acts he was introducing. None of us knew then that he would go on to acting in movies and having a hit show, but we knew funny when we heard it.

I'm glad that Dave is happy. No doubt that his fans, me included, are disappointed that he chose not to continue with his show but it took a lot of guts to walk away from that kind of success. I applaud him for making such a tough personal decision and hope that one day he'll chose to return, if not to the silver screen or TV, at least to a club near me...


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