98 Degrees Gets Back Together...Sort Of...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

98 Degrees Heats Up Election

The guys of 98 Degrees will be gathering in Cincinnati to support Justin Jeffre's run for Cincinnati mayor. They don't plan on a concert: mainly it's a show of support for their former bandmate.

Justin is protesting that he doesn't think he's being taken seriously in his run for mayor. Should he really be surprised? Being able to hold a 'C' note isn't exactly an overwhelming recommendation for political office. Sure, Jerry Springer once held the office, but his showbiz career came afterwards - not before.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the leap to politics. But he had a long-time reputation in the state as a savvy businessman, a personal fortune to back him, was married to a Kennedy, and had long been active in politics before he made the decision.

Justin is a young man and has plenty of time to dig in at the grassroots if that's where his heart lies. But to jump from the obscurity of retirement from a boy band to mayor of one of the largest cities in America probably isn't realistic for him today.


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