Rap Video Shoot Leads to Murder

Monday, February 06, 2006

Shot dead at rap video set

A Busta Rhymes video shoot that had attracted other stars such as 50 Cent, DMX, and Mary J. Blige - and all their "entourages" - ended with over a dozen gunshots fired and Rhymes' bodyguard shot dead.

I'm trying real hard to gather up some sympathy for these folks, but right now I just can't find it in me. This is the natural result of all this "keeping it real," that just attracts thugs and violent criminals.

Each one of these stars is a multi-millionaire, and there's no excuse to be engaging in lifestyles that are going to involve them in crime and violence. How many stars, other than rappers, need to even have bodyguards - except on special occasions where there is a high public exposure? The answer is: almost none.

Why is that?

1) Because they aren't engaging in criminal activity.
2) Because they aren't so insecure that they need "entourages" of people around them to constantly tell them how wonderful they are.
3) Because they don't carry guns themselves.
4) Because they don't hang around violent criminals.
5) Because they don't sing about how they're going to kill other people.
6) Because they don't go around talking smack about their peers.
7) Because when they become successful they understand that you don't settle disputes by getting out a gun and shooting somebody.

Do I need to go on with the long list of self-destructive behaviors that rappers and their "entourages" engage in?

I know it's not a popular stance with fans of rap, but the hard truth is that "keeping it real" usually winds up "getting you dead." How many more people have to die before someone in the industry stands up and says enough: "No More Thugs"?


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