Mariah Carey: Private Eater

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mariah wears a bib

Mariah Carey has revealed that she enjoys eating in bed while wearing a bib - which sounds a little funny til you realize that she's probably got some seriously expensive bedclothes and linens that she doesn't want messed up by her food. (I have to admit though, it's awfully tempting to have some fun with the revelation.)

Like many female celebrities - and non-celebrity females, she admits to having difficulty controlling her weight. Her explanation that it's because she's a muscular person doesn't hold weight though: muscular people tend to have more stable weight because muscles burn calories.

She has the same struggle with weight as everybody else: I'm sure she has difficulty controlling her weight because of a tendency to over-indulge from time to time...and when she has the chance to strap the bib on, I'm sure she's not exactly counting calories...


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