Kanye West No Martyr For His Art

Friday, February 03, 2006

Kanye West
The Passion of What???

Steve does the hard work of slogging through the article in the latest issue of Rolling Stone so you don't have to...

The bottom line: Kanye West is no product of the streets. He was raised by his mother who had a decidedly upper middle class job, so where's the suffering? What's he got to be so mad about? He has gotten the benefit of every break in the world, and now that he's gotten all those breaks he wants to complain about how America is set up for white people. Really, Kanye? Then how did you manage to completely escape being affected by it?

He can't shut up about how downtrodden the black man is and how the country is set up to keep down the black man down despite the fact that every time he looks in the mirror he proves himself a liar, so what does he know about being downtrodden? Turns out he's just a darker shade of Vanilla Ice...


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