Kanye West Thinks in Biblical Proportions

Friday, February 10, 2006

Kanye West
West: 'I should be in the Bible'

No one is ever going to accuse Kanye West of being shy or modest: especially not Kanye West.

He thinks so highly of himself that he believes he belongs in the Bible. According to him, he is such a revolutionary talent that he's "changed the sound of music more than one time" and that he's "definitely in the history books."

No one can argue that he isn't talented, but c'mon Kanye even you can't believe what you're saying. OK, you might believe it, but honestly no one else does. You have never "changed the sound of music": you've simply been successful in a genre that existed long before you ever hit the recording studio.

What Kanye is becoming best known for is not his music, but his inability to even pretend that he doesn't think he can walk on water and that's never an attractive trait no matter who you are.

I compare him to Dennis Rodman who, when you get beyond all the exterior stuff, was one of the great defensive basketball players in recent years. But no one outside of basketball knew that because his ego and antics distracted from the talent that was so obvious once he hit the hardwoods. All people knew about Dennis Rodman was that he was "that crazy basketball player." If Kanye doesn't learn to be more temperate, soon all people will know about him is that he's "that megalomaniacal singer guy."

A wise man knows that arrogance such as Kanye's will come back to bite him in the end because no one stays on top forever, so - even if he himself thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread - he's smart enough to keep it to himself. If you are truly great, then you don't need to blow your horn: others will be happy to do that for you.

Evidently Kanye hasn't gained the wisdom to figure that out yet...


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