Paula Abdul Pulls One Over on Dr. Phil

Monday, February 13, 2006

Paula Abdul
Is Dr. Phil a stupid cupid?

In the quest for publicity, no stunt is too small. That's the only explanation for Paula Abdul's appearance on Dr. Phil's Valentine's Day show looking for love when she already has a steady boyfriend.

This reminds me of the dust-up over her fling with the American Idol contestant. She wasn't honest about her relationship with him, and she's not being honest now. I understand wanting to keep your private life private, but you can't exactly use that as an excuse when you go on Dr. Phil to talk about your love life can you?

Dr. Phil got one pulled over on him by a publicity-seeking Paula Abdul who's looking to build on her rediscovered fame as an American Idol judge. He'll never admit it, and if past is prologue she won't own up to it: but we know the truth...


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