Nick Lachey Wants Back on Jessica Simpson Money Train

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jessica Simpson
Lachey seeks spousal support from Simpson

No, he's not trying to reconcile with Jessica Simpson: he just wants her money. After spending their entire marriage as an unemployed moocher while she worked to build her carrer, he thinks he should be entitled to keep being an unemployed moocher...

Sorry Nick, you're gonna have to get a job like everyone else. Sorry the royalties from your brief career with 98 Degrees aren't enough to keep you from getting the next number in MC Hammer Hero to Zero bankruptcy line. Maybe if you had concentrated on building your career instead of sitting back and being a condescending frat boy partier while your wife was taking care of business you wouldn't find yourself with no money.

But then again, it's probably a big part of why she dumped you in the first place...


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