Nick Lachey Fudges Paperwork to Get More Money

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jessica Simpson
Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson Divorce Storm Brews

In what is sure to be one of the big stories of 2006, Nick Lachey filed his response to the divorce papers from his soon-to-be-ex Jessica Simpson.

His response was laughingly predictable when you understand that basically a frat boy who's been freeloading off his wife for a long time and is now very upset that she decided to dump him for being a loser. So he wants all his jewelry back, and he wants alimony: after all, it's not like his prospects for a big career in anything other than fast food management are very strong.

But he's not satisfied with that: he also stretched out his date of separation by two weeks in order to try to grab at an extra $425,000. They publicly announced their separation on Thanksgiving, yet Lachey is claiming that they separated on December 13th. He says his date is different because he was "stilling seeking to reconcile." Conveniently enough, Jessica Simpson made $850,000 a week before - and Nick is changing the date on his paperwork so he can try to take half that money.

Hey Nick: if you were going to try to "reconcile" all the way up until the 13th, why did you publicly announce you were separating on Thanksgiving Day? Answer: you're a liar. This is just pettiness and greed.

Nick's playing ugly already....


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